Want to become a business owner, change your life and meet amazing humans in 8 weeks?

Sounds too good to be true, but I’m here to tell you it isn’t! 8 short weeks ago I was a struggling physical business owner trying everything I could possibly think of to educate myself on the online world, to attract customers, to basically be successful and not need to buy into the 9/5 BS we all know isn’t serving us. And I was burning out!

Not meeting my goals, not feeling good, and not having a second of time to actually enjoy the life I was creating. Then, one night I was taking a well deserved break and watching an episode of London Real when I got the call, the call to action that has scaled, up leveled and transformed not only my business, but my mindset, my relationship to fear and resistance and 10x my quality of life and the value I’m able to share. I was called to the Business Accelerator. 8 value packed modules that had me reeling in gratitude, fear, and excitement.

There is nothing in this world so terrifying and confronting as facing yourself and realizing you are the only one holding you back from living the life you want to build. Brian Rose and his team of incredible mentors pushed us to breaking point, over and over again and each time we grew and stood taller, more confident, more sure and more ready for the next challenge, until the point came where the challenge arose, the technology crashed, the car broke down, the emotions ran wild and nothing fazed me.

Because I had watched myself and my team, face it, embrace it and kick-ass so many times that there wasn’t a doubt in my mind we’d do it again, and again, and again as many times as it took to get to and across the finish line and keep going after that too! This course, has changed the course of my life completely, irrevocably forever. And I couldn’t be more grateful or humbled by the experiences, achievements and growth it has created in me and all the people that I know are going to be part of the change we need to create in this world and the transformation taking place.